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We fearlessly pioneer digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence, propelling businesses toward unprecedented success with our innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence.
At GreakTech, we are dedicated to challenging the status quo and transforming industries. Through our relentless pursuit of innovation, unwavering commitment to excellence, and collaborative approach, we empower our clients to unleash their full potential and navigate the complexities of the digital era. With a diverse team of visionary thinkers, we fearlessly embrace the future, shaping it with bold ideas and cutting-edge solutions that help our clients realize their business goals and beyond. Together, let us redefine what is possible and create a world where boundaries are shattered, opportunities are seized, and remarkable achievements become the new norm.
About Our Company
About our Leadership

How and why it started

Back in 2017, two friends decided to come together and provide a software development process that focuses on the customer as well as providing a fantastic service. Our two founders have been interested in computers and how they work since they were young and bring that passion and drive to everything we do here at GreakTech. GreakTech is dedicated to being at the forefront of technology while focusing on the classical roots of computer science. Not only programming, but the whole process of development from start to finish. We want to provide you with the best experience as we guide you through the process of designing, developing, testing, and providing a fully functional, smooth application to help your business succeed in whatever way you need. We aim to be different from our competitors by being transparent about the process, communicative about what is going on with your software, and provide you, the customer, the best experience.

Our values

Honesty Value


We prioritize transparency and specialize in rebuilding trust with clients who have had negative experiences with other technical professionals.
Quality Value


We are committed to delivering quality and provide a longer warranty period than our competitors. Our expertise shines through in every deliverable.
Communication Value


We value client involvement in the development and technical process. We provide demos, gather feedback, and conduct quality assurance to ensure a competent vehicle for delivery.

Our Leadership Team

Michael Gazley

Michael Gazley

Mike Miller

Michael Miller

Ashley Copley

Ashley Copley

Project Manager

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